🥫Peapods Overview


What is Peapods Finance?

Peapods is a decentralized, permissionless, and trustless on-chain volatility farming protocol with zero dependency on oracles or external price feeds. Peapods enables users to capitalize on the inexhaustible volatility of crypto markets to unlock yield opportunities for any liquid asset. We refer to this model as volatility farming.

Our pods offer the following features to help you on your investment journey:

  • Fully decentralized, self-custodied, & trustless: smart contract code manages 100% of fund logic and collateral

  • Immutable fund weight per token so no dependency on oracles or external feed providers

  • Fully collateralized pods at all times fully reviewable and auditable on-chain

  • More pods and more volatility, means more yield being earned by LPs on our deflationary rewards asset, PEAS

Pure DeFi: the way it should be!

Many projects have attempted and still offer some form of "index fund", but all have centralized aspects in order for their solution to work. In our case, we've built something completely decentralized, permissionless, & trustless that enables users to manage a basket of assets all while earning real yield.

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