🪙PEAS Tokenomics

PEAS, our deflationary rewards token provides real yield to staked LPs through volatility & arbitrage

Token Contract


Contract Audits

Real Yield (no emissions or minting)

Many yield-based tokens or ecosystems are built upon the mechanics of emissions and minting new tokens for yield. This may or may not actually be real yield, meaning the protocol is able to generate revenue to offset emissions. In our case, the flywheel and yield is actually real yield. PEAS cannot be minted or inflated to the protocol. 100% of the supply was minted at contract deployment.

How is it Deflationary?

Fees collected from protocol usage are converted and used to market buy PEAS, of which, a portion is burned whilst the remainder is distributed based on pod configuration. This process is completely autonomous and automated to provide decentralized real yield forever.

Initial Supply

10,000,000 PEAS

Launch Distribution


The Peapods team has created their own liquidity locker contract to lock and store the PEAS liquidity on. This was done to save on fees that other popular locker utilities charge in order to do this simple task.

The PEAS LP can be viewed on the locker contract here:


The unlock date can be seen in the getUnlockTime function of the contract and converting the Unix epoch timestamp to a human readable timestamp using any popular online tool.

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