How to create a Pod

To create a Pod of your own:

  • Visit and click Create Pod

  • First enter a name of the Pod and token symbol (ticker) to be used for the Pod.

  • Select the token you wish for the Pod's yield bearing LP to be paired with. In most cases the default (DAI) will suffice. Only select a different token if you are an advanced user and want to implement advanced strategies for your Pod.

  • Once ERC20 tokens have been added to the Pod, you may choose to add weight distributions to each asset if desired. This input is only relevant for multi-asset pods.

  • Lastly you need to specify fees for the Pod you are creating. A detailed description of each fee can be found in the Protocol Fees section.

  • Once the Pod details are set, select Create Pod. As you will be informed during this process, creating a new Pod is an expensive resource operation as you are deploying a smart contract to the blockchain and can result in expensive network gas fees.

Verifying your Pod

Once your Pod has been created you will be prompted to verify your Pod by following the below steps;

  • Copy the Pod CA (Contract Address) from the UI display confirming your Pod creation

  • Go to to interact with the verification bot

  • Type /start to begin engaging with the bot

  • Then type /verify and wait for the bot to reply

  • Paste the Pod CA when prompted by the bot

  • When your Pod is verified you receive confirmation from the bot, this should only take a few seconds

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