How to wrap an asset

To wrap TKNs to pTKNs

  • Select Wrap from the navigation menu and select the Pod you wish to wrap tokens for from the drop down menu.

  • Select the token and amount you wish to wrap, be it ETH or one of the tokens inside the Pod, and enter the amount of tokens to be wrapped

  • Connect your wallet, and select Wrap to wrap the specified amount of tokens for the chosen Pod. You will receive the selected index pod tokens back to your wallet which you can the use to LP & Earn, trade against the Pod on Uniswap for arbitrage opportunities, or unwrap if needed.

Wrapping directly with ETH attempts to swap each asset in the Pods from a Uniswap V2 pool. If the pool doesn't exist or price impact (slippage) of the swap is too high, this transaction might not succeed. In that case you would need to acquire the individual assets and wrap using the assets directly (i.e. not ETH).

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