🌱Interacting with Pods

Creating a Pod

Anyone can create a pod, and there are no protocol fees for pod creation. All subsequent wrap and unwrap transactions for a pod will be subject to predefined fees which are set by the pod creator at the time of creation.

To learn how to create your own pod, see How to create a pod.


Wrapping is the process of minting new pod tokens by depositing collateral to invest in the pod. At the time of wrapping, the pod is immediately rebalanced from the provided collateral ensuring the pod is 100% collateralized at all times while pod tokens are minted to the user's wallet.

To learn how to wrap an asset, see How to wrap an asset.


Unwrapping is the process of removing pod tokens from circulation and, in turn, removing collateral backing the pod. Anyone with pod tokens (pTKN) can unwrap at any time, or can choose to trade their pod funds against any liquid market of the pod tokens themselves.

To learn how to unwrap an asset, see How to unwrap an asset.

LP & Stake to Earn

LPing is the process of adding liquidity to the incentivized pod's liquidity pool, with a 1:1 ratio of pTKN and the pre-defined paired asset.

Users who provide LP can then stake this LP position to earn a portion of all fees accrued by the pod. The specific portion of fees earned by LPs is defined by the pod creator at the time of inception and can be observed when viewing a pod on our website.

To learn how to LP & Stake, see How to LP & Stake.

Pod Verification

Pods can be created by any user and are made up of any combination of assets and weights they desire. The process of verification allows us to provide some extra validation that we have done due diligence and informally "signed off" on this pod being considered safe as far as we can tell.

Obviously we can't control the broader market dynamics nor can we completely identify the safety of decentralized assets in general, but if we verify a fund, potential investors can be sure we've conducted a minimal amount of due diligence and deem it safe.

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