🎁Fee Distribution

With each wrap and unwrap fee collected from pod usage, burn fees and partner fees are subtracted from the total as priority to burn the set % of pTKN, along with distributing the designated % of pTKNs to the specified partner.

The remainder of the fees are converted and used to market buy PEAS. Of the market bought PEAS, 90% of the PEAS are distributed to liquidity providers of the pod where the fees originated from, with the final 10% being burned and taken out of circulation forever.

This can be described with the following calculation:

X = Total Fees * Burn Fee %
Y = Total Fees * Partner Fee %
Z = Total Fees - (X + Y)

X = amount of pTKNs burned
Y = amount of pTKNS distributed to partner wallet (if applicable)
Z = amount used to convert and market buy $PEAS with 90% rewarded to LPs & 10% burned

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